Custom painted order

That's how I give life to a pair of jeans or leather!

I have been making custom orders since 2019! I have been lucky enough to make more than 100 paintings, I have worked in Hungary and abroad.

I can paint on denims (jackets, trousers, etc.), re-sewn denims, leather (jacket, bag and shoes) as well as I can provide real vintage pieces for the job 🤍

Thank you for supporting recycling, thanks for recycling instead of throwing it away 🤍

How to order?
Custom orders are placed via the form below.
Fill out the form for a custom order.
2. Submit the form and wait 3-5 business days for me to review and calculate a price for you.
3. Review the offer and I will send the design together with the invoive at the agreed time!

4. Painting and finished product.
5. Wear and love the product 🤍

How much you can expect?
The prices go between about 80 EUR and 300 EUR, depending on the product you want to order, the design, the specialty and the surcharge. If change in the price range is needed I remain to have the right to offer a lower or higher price depending on what type of work needed to be done.

Do I take orders if you provide a jacket?
Yes, I do. I also can repair problems if they need a dressmaker or sewer, please make sure you add a picture of the item you would like to repair.  
Also please make sure that the denims contain 70% cotton and for the leather it is real leather product.